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January 15, 2020

Brick, NJ – Product Review: Custom LED Lighted Signs | Sign Company News

Posted in: Client Examples

Custom LED Signs Are On The Rise!

LED has quickly become the new norm in the Sign Industry and for good reason.

The way of the incandescent bulb is nearly over and the use of fluorescent provides some energy consumption but is really a stepping stone to the LED.

Not only does LED provide energy efficiency it provides a brightness that is unmatched, especially for the size.  It has a vibrancy that in combination with acrylics and translucent or transparent vinyls for Window Graphics and Cabinet Signs is unmatched.  But also durability.

LED also has the ability to make our illuminated signs smaller than ever without the need for a bulky bulb.  We can place signs in tighter spots or be able to add an illuminated sign without the concern it will dominate the atmosphere.

To this point we have been referencing the use of LED both in and out of buildings.  However, they provide a tremendous means to convey a message in a clear and concise manner.  Using LED in traffic situations gives a message to passing vehicles with the least ambiguity.    LED Traffic Signs can be fabricated to meet federal, state and local laws.  In combination, these add a level of safety to motorists.  We can extend the same safety to both vehicle and pedestrian traffic in Parking lots and structures.

In short, don’t think of an LED sign as just an emergency exit sign.  Think of it as another great option to show quality and value to your customers.

Ask for your LED Sign Consultation Today!  Through a short discussion we can identify your need and what this sign will accomplish for your business.   We can review options that fit your budget and align a fabrication and installation schedule that minimizes the impact to your day to day business.

Our LED Signs include but are not limited to: Auto Dealerships, Banks, Credit Unions, Financial Institutions, Parking Garages & Facilities Hospitals, Healthcare Facilities Colleges, Universities, Airports, Mass Transit Terminals, Loading Docks, Warehouses, and Distribution Centers

Either indoor or outdoor, by understanding the placement of the sign, your budget and life expectancy we can find the right solution for you.

Reach out to an LED Sign Consultant at Insignia Signs and Wraps today.




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