By John Kitts, CityScoop Staff Writer, 2009-04-06


One meaning of the word safeguard is a protector or guardian; to protect someone from danger.

When it comes to health insurance and other benefits and financial prowess you might not want to take your advice from the guy from the mad money show. You might not want to bank on the hot tip of the day and gamble with your family savings. Not to speak against his obvious talents though because sometimes he’s amazingly on point. But for me, I’d rather take my advice from someone that I trust completely. Someone who’s local. Someone who I know really knows their stuff.

The problem is where to find a company, or even just one person, with such a wide range of knowledge coupled with an honest nature and general lack of capitalistic overdrive. Where does anyone remember the last time they saw someone who wanted to create a better way instead of maximize the profit margin?

I know where. Jerry McGuire…

For those that don’t know the movie, Jerry was a sports agent played by Tom Cruise who, in a lucid midnight epiphany, wrote a letter to his entire firm urging for change; urging for everyone to rethink the entire process.

And then he got fired.

Safeguard Health and Benefits services company is a Jerry McGuire of their industry. And if you know what happened after Jerry was fired you know that he started a successful new and better company with a whole new idea on doing business. I can tell you personally that Jason Lohe and his team have a truly great thing brewing over in their East Bay Area location in Walnut Creek, CA. If you liked the movie about the sports agent that decided to make a great change, go see Safeguard.

They will protect you, your benefits plans, your financials and your family.

Safeguard are CityScoop local experts and they publish free information and help guides at their CityScoop website.  You can visit their site and learn more if you click the link below.

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