By John Kitts, CityScoop Staff Writer

In searching for someone great to publish the architectural news in San Francisco we found a Mr. John Ploss.  Not only is John a very nice person, stand-up guy as they say, but he is more than qualified.

John framed his first wall when he was nine.  He’s been actively working as an architect since 1977.  He founded his own firm in 1988.  He’s done everything from small home additions, to new home designs to 200 unit multi-family projects.  In the world of residential architecture, you could say he’s done it all.

I’d say that about qualifies.

However, I’d like to interject and argue against my own point that being qualified is having lots of experience.  In hindsight I think that a stronger point might be the type of work that one puts out, the creativity that an architect expresses in their work and the overall success of the buildings they design.  In fact, if someone has been doing a job all of their life and never becomes great at their craft, can that person be considered an expert?

It is difficult to determine…

But not with John.  Not only is he experienced but his designs are outright beautiful.  Visit his site and see for yourself.

John Ploss writes the CityScoop column Architectural News in San Francisco, CA.  You can visit his column for more info by clicking the link below:

Residential Architectural Firm – San Francisco, CA