By John Kitts, CityScoop Staff Writer



What is Mystery Shopping, aka Secret Shoppers?

Some people know about secret shoppers but in asking around I’ve found that many don’t know what exactly a secret shopper is or does…

Well, a secret shopper is pretty much what it sounds like.  Secret shoppers come in to a business an anonymous shoppers in secret, with the reason being to assess a business’ customer service relations.  It’s an employee auditing service.  If you want to find out how your employees are treating your customers you can find out easily.

Service Quality is a company that specializes in customer service auditing.  They can help you assess and address your customer service issues from the root of the problem.  They can bring in secret shoppers to get a true assessment of you business’ customer service satisfaction level.  The secret shopper comes in randomly and acts just like any other customer.  Except they aren’t.  They are evaluating your customer service the whole time.  And you might be surprised to find out what your customers think of you.  It may not be what you expect…

Here’s an example:

One particular story jumped out at me that you should know.  There is a story of a business owner who was also the main employee of the business, working on the front line with all of his customers.  And when asked about his customer satisfaction level he thought it was through the roof, sighting that nearly all of his customers were more than happy with his customer service.  He said that he didn’t need an customer loyalty assessment because he knew his customers all personally and was positive that everyone was happy.  So Service Quality offered a small challenge…a free customer service audit. 

The results were probably what you were expecting…nothing what the business owner had expected.  In fact, many of his customer were less than happy and some thought customer service was poor!  How can this be if the business owner was so sure that his customers were very happy?

The answer is sometimes our customers tell us one thing when they feel another way.  But wouldn’t you just want to know what your customers want and then be able to deliver exactly that.  Service Quality helps you get to the bottom of things and solve those internal issues which you may, or may not know, exist.

Service Quality is a CityScoop local expert and they publish information about Mystery Shopping, secret shoppers, customer loyalty and more at their CityScoop website.  You can visit their CityScoop website by clicking the link below:

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