By John Kitts, CityScoop Staff Writer, 2009-04-06


If you’re looking for an auto repair shop and you’re in the Dublin, California area you might want to listen up.  This is a crazy deal! 

Okay, let’s back up so I can let you know exactly why this is a great value from an auto shop.  Don Tupper owns Tri Valley Automotive in Dublin, CA and used to be called Tri Valley clutch.  Shortly after becoming a known local clutch expert he moved into the rest of the entire car.  He prides himself on honesty and hard work.  And he follows these three key points which have helped him to become successful.

1.  They guarantee the work on your car to your satisfaction.  If you aren’t happy with the repair then you don’t have to pay.  They’ll let you know exactly what needs to be done and fix it to your satisfaction.

2.  Laymen’s terms is what they speak.  They know how to break down exactly what needs to be done to your car in a way that you can understand it.  Well…at least understand it much better than you did.  After, automobiles are pretty expensive.

3.  They always quote you a fair and competitive price.  You always know what you’re paying for and you can know that you won’t get gauged financially.

So now that you know they are trustworthy and stand by their work, here’s the great part…

Free Rental Car For A Day!

If you purchase any service from Tri Valley Automotive over $150 you will get a free rental car for a day through Enterprise.  And that can just enough to make your day.  It’s a pain in the arse to have to be without a car for a day.  We are all so dependent upon our main mode of transprotation.  The last time my car broke down I had to miss three appointments which resulted in a loss of almost a $1000!  If I had taken my car to Tri Valley Automotive, I wouldn’t have had to worry about being without wheels for a day.   

That’s a hell of a deal.

Tri Valley Automotive group is a CityScoop local expert columnist.  They provide free tips and automotive advice and special promotions to those in the Dublin, CA area.  You can visit their CityScoop website by clicking the link below.

Tri Valley Automotive | Full service auto repair shop in Dublin, CA