By John Kitts, CityScoop Staff Writer



Are you planning on moving any time soon?  If you are and you’re located near the Concord, California area you should take a look at Anderson Bros Movers.  Anderson Bros is a company that started out in San Francisco once upon a time.  I say once upon a time because they opened for business in 1976.  And I’m 28 years old.  So at least to me, that’s a really long time. 

Now located in Martinez, CA, Anderson Bros Movers services the Contra Costa County area.  If you visit their website you’ll find some very good testimonials about their workmanship as well as their team’s character.

But one of the many things that separates Anderson Bros from all the the others is they are agents for Hawaii Express, which services the Hawaiian islands.  That means that if you live here in the Bay Area, and you’re planning on moving to Hawaii (which if you are, we all don’t like you anyways, so you should hurry up and move) then you should call up Anderson Bros Movers.  They can help you get yourself and all your stuff to your tropical paradise.

Unlike those of us that are jealously stuck here on then main land, Anderson Bros will be very nice to you and make your move as smooth as possible.  So if you’re headed to Hawaii, call Anderson Bros Movers, mention CityScoop, and have a great time (you lucky little)…

Anderson Bros Movers are CityScoop experts.  They publish free tips and information about their services and industry at their CityScoop website.  You can visit their CityScoop site by clicking the link below:

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