By John Kitts, CityScoop Staff Writer

If you’re in the Contra Costa area of Concord, Walnut Creek or Clayton, California, you may not even realize how close you are to one of the most cutting edge tanning salons in the Western United States.  The Tanning Co.! in Concord has a beautiful facility filled with top of the line tanning beds of all different types. 

They have a tanning bed that is designed for those who don’t want to tan their face, just their body.  Your head sticks out the top and your body is covered by the bed as you lay down and relax.

They have a stand up tanning bed so you can reach those harder to reach places like under your arms and the places where the sun doesn’t shine too often.

They have tanning beds of different intensities so you can use the bed that best fits your needs.  You can start off with lighter sessions and then work your way up to more intense sessions.

They also have one of the newest tanning bed models from the top company in the entire industry.  In fact it’s the only one in California and I believe in the entire Western side of the United States with this newest model on the market.  But I’m not going to tell you about that particular tanning bed myself.  You’ll just have to go see it for yourself.  :)

But the coolest thing about The Tanning Co.! is their central monitoring system.  Instead of just walking into a tanning salon and baking for a while, The Tanning Co.! are consultants.  They know what your skin can handle and what is dangerous.  They put you on a regimen that will best suit your needs and still be a very smart way of tanning.  Instead of paying by the session you pay by the minute.  That way you don’t burn yourself trying to get your money’s worth.  Their central monitoring system monitors all the tanning booths from one central computer, which alerts you when your time is up.

The only way to really see how magnificent of a facility The Tanning Co.! has is to go yourself.  Or you can visit their CityScoop website for a few more pictures and info.

The Tanning Co.! is a CityScoop expert and they publish free info and special promotions at their CityScoop website.  You can visit their CityScoop website by clicking the link below:

Tanning Salon In Concord, CA