By John Kitts, CityScoop

We’ve all heard of the family run business.  Usually a favorite restaurant or auto repair shop or some other local ‘brick and morter’ business, your favorite family run businesses usually have some of the best products, services and customer support because they pay attention to detail and they care.

But you might not think of a day spa as fitting into this category.  Not yet at least…


The Spa of Cool Springs has a really great story about their business.  The have the whole family involved.

Everyone in the Wysocki family helps out down at The Spa of Cool Springs.  Everyone from their 17 year old Charlie to their 13 year old Christopher helps out at the spa.  They have all been giving massages since they were little.  And they’ve all been receiving massages since they were little.  This is the massaging family!  :-)  Needless to say, you don’t have to worry about a lack of experience at the Spa of Cool Springs. 

And massage is great for stress relief as well as therapeutically.  For example, they work with challenged children.  They work with children with ADD and ADHD for example, to help them manage their symptoms and lower their overall stress level.  And many children get a world of benefits from their massage therapy sessions.  It can be a good alternative or aid to many over the counter drugs and prescriptions.

They offer other services like heat stone therapy, facials, and waxing too.  You can visit their CityScoop website for more information about massage therapy and get other free helpful tips and promotions from The Spa of Cool Springs:

The Spa of Cool Springs | Professional Massage Therapists in Franklin, TN