The RPM shop is a different kind of auto repair shop than most.  And you can tell by taking a close look at their name.  RPM stands for Restoration, Performance, Modification.  So basically they offer 3 core services:

Restoration – If you have an “Old School” vehicle that you would like to bring back to life, they can do that.  They can fully restore your dream vehicle and make it shine once again.

Performance– If you want to take your Old School that you just had restored, or maybe a new car that you already have, and really make it go, them RPM can help.  They are a certified NOS distributor and know all about “Hot Roding” your vehicle to add those extra horses.

Modification – If you want to create something custom that nobody else has on the block RPM is great in this area.  This type of work takes an artist and a solid mechanic.  Casey Dobbeck (Owner) is young and gifted and can do just about anything.  He grew up working on Ferrari’s at his dad’s shop! 

You can check out his CityScoop website at the link below.  For tips and tricks click the BLOG button when you get to his site:

Auto Mechanics in Pleasanton, California