By John Kitts, CityScoop Staff Writer



Do you have a pool?  If you do, does it look like a pool?  Or maybe it looks more like a pool-shaped swamp.  If you have a green pool then you need a Pool Doc.

But one thing that you don’t know about The Pool Doctor in the East Bay Area is that they are scuba certified.


Yup. Scuba.  And the reason that is a big deal is because of codes.  The code has changed requiring many community and larger sized pools to upgrade their main drainage pipe.  You might quickly realize how this could be a big problem for someone who owns a very large pool.  Like a pool with 50 thousand gallons of water. 

You can (A) drain the pool, change the drain pipe, and then fill it back up.

Or, if you hire a scuba certified pool service company like The Pool Doctor, you can

(B) hire a company to change the drain out under water.

Do the math.

If you have a HUGE pool it will take hours if not days to drain and refill the pool.  Then there’s the water cost.  Then you need to have an emplyee oversee the process.  Then you have to treat the water and pay for chemicals to get the pool ready to use. 

OR you get the job done in a few hours for a lot less money, time and headaches.

NO Brainer.  Period.


You can visit the Pool Doctor’s CityScoop website by clicking the link below.  They publish free information and tips about their services and industry.

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