What if you could get coupons for your favorite businesses only, and the coupons would go right to your phone?  For example, maybe you like to go to Starbucks every morning.  Well, what if you could call a number that would automatically sign you up to receive offers from Starbucks at the location you visited, or any location for that matter.  Starbucks could send out notices for when they give away free coffee. 

Or, imagine getting a text message on your phone that says, “SAVE HALF your bill, Tonight Only!” at your favorite local restaurant?  Would you perhaps show up to take advantage of the promotion?  I probably would if I could.  And it’s a technology that is already here. 


Biz Calling Cards is a company that has a unique idea when it comes to mobile marketing.  They’ve intertwined free calling cards with opt in text message marketing.  Basically you get sent coupons and special promotions via text message to your phone, and you choose which companies, businesses, restaurants, etc, from which to receive the offers.

You can visit thier CityScoop website by clicking the link below.  They publish info about their program with examples and testimonials at the site and is run by one of their account representatives, Donna Church.

Biz Calling Cards – Text Message Marketing

It seems natural to assume that text message marketing will become a big factor in the future.  As long as we all have the option to opt out of receiving the text marketing messages at any time from any company, then this will be a great new marketing option.  As long as spam is kept under control, text message coupons will be a HUGE reinvention of the coupon world. 

Think of how useful it will be.  It’s great for client retention for business owners who want to be able to offer their existing clients incentives for being return visitors and loyal patrons of the local establishment.  And you won’t need to remember to bring your coupons with you wherever you go.  You can simply show your server at the restaurant, for example.  Think of all the trees that we’ll save.  No more penny saving pamphlets written on recycled recycling paper anymore to litter your mailbox full… 

It seems that Biz Calling Cards has a jump on the fast-growing market.  I expect to see more players in this field at some point, and perhaps a general acceptance of the newest coupon method, electronic coupons, nationwide.  There are a ton of companies already adopting text message coupons.  So – How long it will take before every where you go you get an offer to receive text message coupons? – is my question.  I have a lingering suspision we will soon find out.