By John Kitts, CityScoop Staff Writer




Terence Church, Bay Area IP Attorney

Terence has a background as a business attorney.  He used to be a senior legal executive with Fortune 500 companies.  He is very qualified. 

But many people might not know what what an “IP Attorney” does or is.  In fact I didn’t really know until it was explained to me. 

Basically intellectual property refers to the rights to legal properties which are considered to be, as Wikipedia puts it, “creations of the mind.”  If it’s either an artistic creation or a some commercial process that you have, IP attorneys help you to protect your creations, ideas and processes.  For example, if you have a special process for making a new flavor of ice cream, an IP attorney can help you to trademark your name and patent your process, recipe or special machinery you might have built.

Basically it takes a very specialized and knowledgable attorney or lawyer to become an IP attorney.  They have to have a large knowledge base to be able to navigate so may different facets of the law.  They also to have common businesses sense and to know how to properly advise small and large businesses with their own business strategies.

Terence also helps clients increase their revenues through contract negotiation, strategic partnerships and corporate maintenance programs.  Terence Church serves his clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area including San Jose, Oakland, and Walnut Creek, Ca.  You can visit his CityScoop website where he publishes free information about his industry and the products and services they offer by clicking the link below:

IP Intellectual Property Attorney in the Bay Area