By John Kitts, CityScoop Staff Writer



Picture an older gentlemen in his 60s with a button-up plaid shirt and strong hair part.  Now picture yourself taking music lessons from this man.

Okay, now erase that picture and envision yourself taking music lessons from this guy, Rick Cittar! 

I’m a musician myself for about 18 years now and I took lessons in piano for about 8 years.  And let me tell you if I could go back and take them again I would want to take lessons from someone like Rick Cittar.  They have fun and they play fun music.  My lessons, although very good, were less than fun and entertaining.  It became a bit of a chore to go to piano lessons EVERY week…

Rick Cittar primarily teaches guitar lessons and bass guitar lessons.  So if you or your child are interested in getting into music, this is a good way to learn and have fun at the same time.  Rick even has a student jam band that gets together to play and grow as musicians.  You can see pictures of the student jam band sessions by clicking the link at the bottom of this article.

But what if you are actually looking for a live music band to hire?  Maybe you have an event coming up?  Or maybe a wedding?  Well you can hire Rick’s band, Li’l Ricky Blues, to come and play at your event, wedding, restaurant or anything where you’d like to have some live music, and make it a day to remember.

Rick Cittar is a CityScoop Local Expert.  You can visit his CityScoop website where he publishes free information and tips all about music and lessons and his band for hire.  Click the link below to visit his CityScoop website and/or contact him today.

Mussic Lessons and Band For Hire in Concord, Ca