By John Kitts, CityScoop Staff Writer



For all of you that are looking to save some serious coin and haven’t thought about installing solar electric panels, now is the time.  The prices are dropping, the technology is getting better, and the results are starting to show for others who jumped on the band wagon a while ago.  As they say, the proof is in the pudding.

Here are a few points to consider about Solar Electric installations:


Its getting cheaper.  The technology is becoming more widespread and there’s less consumer dollars being spent on R & D (research and development).  This translates to a cheaper price for the consumer, more competition in the marketplace, and ultimately a better end product.

The technology is through the roof.  Or perhaps I should say in the roof.  In the early days of solar you had to have a small space ship and landing dock attached to your roof to lure in the rays of the sun.  Now the technology has gotten so advanced, now it’s in the roof, literally.  They have solar integrated roof tiles that are like mini little solar panels.  They provide shelter and energy all in one.  From the top you can tell there are special roof tiles on the houses that feature them, but from the ground and from the sides it looks like a regular roof.  Pretty slick.  I’ve even heard that companies are developing an exterior paint that has solar qualities which can absorb and conduct energy.  Amazing!

There’s nothing better than “stickin it to the man.”  By stickin it to the man I mean the power companies.  Instead of paying that 200 dollar energy bill to your power company, what if you spent that extra money on groceries?


It takes time to pay off the investment.  And indeed it can take a while.  But in most cases it evens out for the first 10 years or so depending on your package and household energy consumption level, and then starts to pay off.  Typically, the money you are saving from your power bill goes into paying for the solar installation, meaning financially you’re breaking even.  But after the number of years it takes to pay off your solar loan or investment costs, then you start to profit.  Then you’re free from the man!

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