By John Kitts, CityScoop Staff Writer


Does it seem like you never have enough time in the day?  Week?  Year? 

Do you have kids that are sweet and lovable and maybe sometimes also drive you a little bit nuts?  Maybe?

Well what about soccer as an answer to both problems?

Sports are a great way to provide kids, teens and even adults with an outlet for their extra energy.  Take me for example.  I guess you could say that I might fit the above description to some degree.  I was a pretty active kid growing up, we’ll say.  But going to soccer practice 3 days a week for 2 hours and all the games and tournaments on weekends always gave me something to do.  And all those hours on the soccer field kept me out of trouble…well for the most part at least.  :)

If you didn’t know, soccer is the biggest sport in the world.  And it’s also one of the best ways, in my extremely biased and unfair opinion, to get exercise.  Or maybe it’s not that I think it’s the best, but that it’s just a lot better than running track, for example, and again, in my opinion (I.M.O.). 

I don’t like track or running for distance.  Someone once tried to make me run track and compared to soccer it sucks, again, IMO.  

You don’t agree?  Well then let’s do a comparison, shall we? 

In a typical regulation length soccer game a player of average size and speed may run anywhere from 1 to 5 miles, give or take.  5 miles in just one game is a lot!  That’s inside an hour and a half.  Now let’s compare that to jogging (pronounced yogging if you’ve seen the movie Anchor Man).

Running track or yogging for distance is unarguably a great way to get exercise and stay fit.  I do agree with that.  But I just think that running 3 miles or so, chasing a ball around and trying to score, playing soccer, basketball, football, lacrosse, or whatever, sounds like a little bit more fun than running in a straight line.  And Baxter, my dog, agrees too.  But hey, that’s just me…

So if you need some extra time and you’ve got kids that want to have some fun playing a sport, give soccer a try.  Your kids will love it.  It’s the biggest sport in the world after all…

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