By John Kitts, CityScoop Staff Writer

Signs are used for so many things in the world.  From directing traffic to safety to signs for branding your business, signs are essential.

Some people might argue that signs are not necessary for certain types of businesses.  And I would disagree. 

A business card could be considered your sign.  And signs are important because it’s often the first time someone will see and/or get an initial impression of your business.  No matter how small or large your business is, no matter if you have a physical location or not, and no matter if most people in your industry have or don’t have signs, you still need to have a branded image. 

People eat with their eyes and buy what they want.  If your business isn’t very appealing they won’t buy, even if you can do the best job.  And in this day and age, people make decisions in smaller and smaller splits of a second.  They judge books by their cover and they’ll judge you and your business based on your business cards and your signage, your store cleanliness and your attention to detail.

For a sign company that can get you every type of sign you could possibility want (trade show signs, banners, booth and backdrop graphics, monuments, indoor and outdoor business signs, way finding signs, back lit electric and neon signs, as well as window lettering and graphics for vehicles and store fronts), check out SignWorks.

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