By John Kitts, CityScoop , Staff Writer

There’s really no surprise with Sunrise Signs in Philadelphia, PA.  They have done some of the coolest work and in this article I want to showcase one particular job.  It was a job that they got from Metro PCS.

A Mr. Eric Huffman, the owner of 3 Metro PCS stores in South New Jersey, came in Sunrise signs with a need for a solution to increase visibility.  Alex Sokoloff, owner of Sunrise signs had a solution for Eric that made a ton of sense, and now dollars too!

Eric typically spends a lot of time driving back and forth between the three stores and since he wanted to increase visibility to his stores Alex came up with a solution that would be perfect, a vehicle wrap!  Sunrise signs wrapped Eric’s Audi TT with a vehicle wrap advertising his Metro PCS stores, and it turned out great.  Now all that extra driving time is also driving leads!

Sunrise Signs writes the signage news column in Philadelphia, PA.  You can visit their website at the link below:

Sunrise Signs – Signage Company – Philadelphia, PA