By John Kitts, CityScoop Staff Writer

If you live in Miami, Florida and you own a business you probably need a vehicle wrap.  With so many people out at the beach and walking around in the great weather it’s pretty much a no brain-er to get a your car, truck, van, trailer or entire fleet of vehicles wrapped.

Consider the amount of impressions you get for one fixed price.  You don’t have to pay every time someone sees your car like on the search engines.  The more you use your vehicle the more impressions you’ll get and the more calls you’ll get.

Of course there are a few things to consider before wrapping your vehicle:

1. Where do you live – If you live in Minnesota a vehicle wrap might not be the best idea.  Yes people will still see your advertisement from their cars but if it’s half covered in snow half the year you might find a better bang for your buck with a different type of sign.

2. What do you sell? – If you sell to consumers you’re almost certain to be making a good decision.  If you sell only to businesses in a small niche market it might not make sense for you to get a vehicle wrap.  The main goal is to make sure that if you wrap you vehicle will it get seen?

And if your in Miami, FL and you want to get a wrap you can call our Signage Columnist in Miami, Victor Gimenez.

Victor Gimenez of GMV Graphics & Signs Inc writes the Signage News column in Miami, FL.  You can visit his column for more info by clicking the link below:

Sign Company – Miami, FLorida