By John Kitts, CityScoop , Staff Writer

In a recent article by Pat Alger of Signs Solutions of Michigan clarifies what exactly an ADA sign is and its applications.  ADA signs are those referenced by the Americans with Disabilities Act.  ADA signs are all the signs in public areas that are approved by the act and require specific graphics and symbols.  Most commonly you recongize ADA signs as those used in public restrooms, hospitals, schools, businesses, libraries and more.

ADA signs are very important if you think about it.  What if there were no standards, no requirements to have a set system of recognized symbols?  It’s something that we sort of don’t think about, or perhaps take for granted even.  Imagine if every bathroom had a different symbol on the outside signifying boys and girls?  It would never work. 

Now that you’ve read this article maybe you’ll start to notice just how many ADA signs you see on a regular basis, and how important they are in our every day lives.

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