By John Kitts, CityScoop Staff Writer


SCR Auto Center in Hayward, California is a true full service auto body and repair shop.

Many people don’t know that when you wreck your car there are typically two companies that are involved with the repair process.  One company handles the body work and another company repairs the insides of the car: engine, transmission, frame, etc. 

Because many auto service businesses are specialized into auto repair and auto body, many of these non-competing businesses work together.  They refer customers to each other because they know the business well and trust their work.

But at SCR Auto Repair Center you get an all in one, full service, one stop shop facility.

Located in Hayward and right off of freeways 580 and 238, SCR Auto Repair Center is a BIG facility.  When you turn left onto Rufus Court you enter the center.  You enter immediately because they own the whole block.  It’s a court with a dead end circle that combines 3 or 4 buildings into one giant center.

You should go check it out.

Or you can visit their CityScoop website by clicking the link below:

SCR Auto Center | Car Repair Shop in Hayward, California