CityScoop is based in San Leandro, California, in the East Bay Area, just northwest of Silicon Valley.  I was born and raised here in San Leandro and I’ve always though of it, for the most part, as being a larger city that often goes unnoticed.  Which I always found to be a little bit odd because if you want to live in the Bay Area, San Leandro is a great place.  It’s probably the most centrally located city in the entire Bay Area.  It’s only a 20 minute drive to San Francisco, San Jose, Livermore, Berkeley and Walnut Creek, CA. 

But things are a changing and now we’re an up and coming city with a whole new plan.   

One thing that’s changing is the San Leandro Chamber of Commerce.  They are working to revamp their model and become one of the most technologically savvy Chambers in the United States.   They have a whole slew of new programs, educational resources, events and more.  One part of their new membership program is to help market, promote and grow their member’s businesses with what they call their Affinity Program, an exclusive service provider network. 

CityScoop was approached by the San Leandro Chamber to be the provider for search engine ranking services with our Internet advertising program.  Their affinity program is designed to screen and sort through companies and find products and services that can help their members grow their businesses, get leads, manage clients and employees, save money and spend more time and money, efficiently.  

As a part of their Affinity Program CityScoop offers San Leandro Chamber of Commerce members a great discount.   We are approved and backed by the Chamber which helps us to grow our business more rapidly.  A more rapid growth leads to a better economy of scale and so we can offer a large savings to their members. 

Our offer is a $150 savings on our setup fee.  CityScoop’s normal pricing is $29.99 a month for our subscription fee plus a one-time setup fee of $200.  San Leandro Chamber members pay only $50 for their setup fee plus the normal monthly subscription fee.  This is just one of the ways the San Leandro Chamber is working to help their members grow their businesses in an ever-changing marketplace.  Check out their website for more great savings and discounts.

The San Leandro Chamber also has a column here on CityScoop that has just been launched.  They will be regularly posting about upcoming events, announcements, membership benefits and their members as well. 

You can visit their CityScoop blog at the link below: