S.T.O.P. Service Team of Professionals

S.T.O.P., also know as Service Team of Professionals, is a disaster restoration franchise.  They specialize in fire, flood, smoke, mold, water & odor removal, cleanup, restoration and repair.  If, in the most unfortunate of events, you find yourself with a disaster upon your hands, you’ll need someone to help put things back together again.  You’ll need someone to help you get back to ‘normal.’

With countless testimonials from happy clients, there’s more than good reason to believe the Service Team of Professionals should be a first choice, should you need their services.  At nearly 40 franchisees across the United States, S.T.O.P. is known for high quality, knowledgeable service, along with the highest level of customer service.  They understand that they can’t put your life back to the way that it was before your disaster, but they can help to get your property back to as close to the way it was as possible, as fast as possible, and in a the most painless manner possible.

As a fast growing company in their industry, they have decided to take their brand to the national level.  Joining forces with CityScoop, we’re launching our newest product, our Franchise SEO Program, using S.T.O.P. as the first non-Beta launch.  By networking all their franchisees into one portal, we garner the strength of their network, and power it using CityScoop blogs for each location.  The result is an enormous amount of high quality, SEO rich content, that creates many first page links for countless search results.

If you’re looking for a franchise opportunity consider the Service Team of Professionals and a career in the disaster restoration industry.  If you have a disaster on your hands, contact your local S.T.O.P. service provider through their main website (http://stoprestoration.com) or call (800) 452-TEAM (8326).  For those that look to Google for a recommendation, soon you’ll find the Service Team of Professionals at the top too.


S.T.O.P Fire Water Flood Smoke Image