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Get the Words Flowing From Your Brain to Your Blog

“Tips, Tricks, Tactics & Inspiration for Your Blog”


SUMMARY:  You’ve launched a blog and now you need to write 400+ words regularly….How do you do that … every week?!…Find out from someone who’s been writing and self-publishing since he got his first Mac 512 back in 1986. Longtime writer, editor, publisher, instructor, and all-around word geek Randy Lyman shares his best tips and practices for keeping the words flowing from your brain to your blog. In this exclusive CityScoop Amphitheater presentation, you’ll learn how to:

  • Find your unique blogging voice
    Come up with a steady supply of blogging ideas
    Get your creativity flowing through simple practices
    Find the time to write and create a blogging workflow

WHEN: February 26th @  11am PST    WHERE: Amphitheater PRICE: $20 ($14 early registration)