By John Kitts, CityScoop Staff Writer


First and most importantly I must share that not everyone in the world is a great graphic designer.  Not everyone in the world can be a great graphic designer either.  And there are many reasons.  Here are two of the more obvious reasons:

  1. Innate Ability – Graphic Design takes natural skill and creativity, and this is one thing in life that can’t really be taught.  You can get better and refine your skill and thus elevate yourself above the average competition.  But true artistic creativity is a gift that comes only from our mommas and papas.

  3. Computer Skills – Graphic Designers have tools of the trade, but not ones that most people can even begin to figure out how to use.  Graphic designers spend almost all their time on a computer playing with programs like Adobe Illustrator and PhotoShop; operating programs that deal with vector graphics, pixels per inch resolution, and other fascinatingly geeky terms.  In short, good luck trying to teach yourself how to use these programs.

These reasons are some of the more obvious reasons why not everyone is cut out to be a professional graphic designer; natural skill can’t be learned, and high technology strikes deep fear in most all of us.  But there is the most important reason of all.  At least to me…

I think the most important skill that a truly great graphic designer possesses is execution.  By this I mean the ability to have a wide range of knowledge of many different industries.  From this a great designer must be able to understand the type of marketing that each particular industry requires, even beckons.  It’s about the knowledge that can only be acquired over time; by having many clients and doing many jobs, and doing them well.  It’s about understanding the theory involved and the underlying goal of all design and businesses in general for that matter – get new customers!  If you don’t have a company design that motivates people to want to buy your product, service or message, then you’re out of luck! 

There is a difference between a good graphic design and a bad graphic design.  And Melissa Shimmin from the Shimmin Design team knows this better than most.  You should read her article, When a bad graphic design is a good graphic design by clicking this link.  I bet you’d be surprised to see what she has to say about good and bad designs.

The Shimmin Design Team are CityScoop local experts and they publish free information and help guides at their CityScoop website. You can visit their site and learn more if you click the link below.

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