By John Kitts, CityScoop Staff Writer

There’s photography for fun and then there’s photography for business.  And when it comes to photography for business applications, there’s a world of specializations that you might not have considered.

There’s architectural, commercial, editorial, portrait, scenic, aerial, travel, events photography…  And each type of photograph is clear and distinct with a separate style or approach of its own. 

A commercial shot, say of an expensive watch, might warrant an elegant back drop, a close up shot and some post production.  Whereas an aerial shot from a helicopter using a lens designed for distance shots could be used to showcase an expensive property that is going on the market.  Often in Real Estate when the residence for sale is an estate an aerial shot is very helpful in showing the great size of a property of such magnitude.

Only a skilled photographer with a great business sense can excel in this field of photography.  It requires extensive experience and exceptional skill.  For one person to be able to skillfully and professionally deliver each different type of shot time and time again takes a lot of experience and most importantly, natural ability.

CityScoop columnist and photographer Eric Sahlin specializes in all of these areas of photography.  You can visit his website by clicking the image below.  You’ll see examples of his work in each area I listed above. 

Eric Sahlin writes the column Photography News in San Francisco, CA for CityScoop.  You can visit his column for more info by clicking the link below:

Architectural Photography News – San Francisco, CA