By John Kitts, CityScoop Staff Writer


When it comes to feeling good, like really feeling good, you need something to trigger those amazing inner feelings.   You know, like when the sun shines down in a speckled fashion, slicing and parting through the trees where only a few golden warm rays break though, illuminated as glowing beams of rejuvenating goodness, feathering onto your skin, warming you from the inside of your very core all the way to the outermost layers of your goose-bumped skin.

Like really good.

Some people, like myself, get that same warm feeling from  music.  Maybe many of us do, I don’t know.   But sometimes music can have an amazing way of rejuvenating our souls; replenishing life back into us.  Great music speaks to us and tells us stories; stories that change our philosophies, beliefs, relationships and our lives.

So for these reasons I need to mention a man named Angelo Luster.  He’s a San Francisco Bay Area based smooth and gospel jazz musician.  He brings “the luster,” to his musical genre.  His “brilliance” lies with his saxophone and the musical stories he tells with the riffs from his fingertips.

If you like Gospel Jazz or Smooth Jazz, take a minute to listen to Angelo Luster.  He’s skilled at his craft and he and his band can warm your soul in a few ways.  His music is available for sale of course.  But he also can perform at your local private party, wedding or event.  If you’re looking for a live musician or band for hire and you love gospel and or smooth jazz then the Angelo Luster Group could be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Angelo Luster is a local CityScoop expert. He publishes free tips and information about his music and the smooth and gospel jazz genre. Youcan visit his CityScoop website by clicking the link below:

Professional Jazz Musician For Hire | San Francisco Bay Area, CA