By John Kitts, CityScoop Staff Writer

The LP Resource – It has a nice ring to it, don’t you think so?



While the name is nice, is doesn’t make a business good.  What makes a business good is usually one of a few main things:

1. A unique product or service

2. More affordable products and/or services

3. Businesses that donate profits to good causes

4. Businesses with exceptinoal customer service

The LP Resource is a great company for many reasons but to me, judging as an outsider looking in, the main reason is clear.  Customer service that is above and beyond the competition

At the LP Resource, it’s like driving your businesses into the full service lane at the local station.  Need a fill up on toner?  Do you need to repair an existing printer because it’s cheaper than buying a new copy machine?  

The LP Resource is a full service laser printer services business where you will definitely notice the difference.

For example, they can be at your business or house the next day sometimes to help you solve your mini crisis.  Another example I got from a testimonial that I heard about from a client of theirs that happens to be in my networking circle.  They said that the LP Resource came and personally delivered replacement toner cartridges AND helped to change them out.  Can anyone think of an online dealer that will help you install the replacement cartridges?


And who knows how to change out toner cartridges on a copy machine anyway?  I’m a pretty technical guy but there was a time when I wasn’t.  And the first time I changed out an ink cartridge on a copy machine was not successful.

So in this day in age when we’re all looking for the good companies out there to help our business, the LP Resource makes your life a little less hectic.  At least that’s what everyone else seems to be saying.

You can visit their CityScoop website by clicking the link below.  They publish free tips and information about their products, services and industry as well as special promotions.

LP Resource | Laser Printer Repair Services Company serving the East Bay Area