By John Kitts, CityScoop Staff Writer



Have you just moved to Alameda, Ca, or are thinking about relocating to the East Bay Area?  If you are, you should give Frank Trotter a call.  He specializes in all things related to residential real estate, including REOs (Real Estate Owned properties), short sales, homes for sale and more.

Originally from Oregon, Frank Trotter spent many years in real estate selling homes to families in the Eugene and Portland areas.  Now he has moved down to Alameda, California to continue to help families find their dream homes.  And Alameda just might be the city that has your dream home.

Alameda has a lot of water front property, good schools, a naval base and a lot more.  It’s a great place to get stuck in.  And here’s what I mean by stuck…

Before the age of information, GPS, iphones, blackberries, etc, we had to use old fashion methods of getting directions.  And before I had my own GPS I used to get stuck in Alameda all the time.  The reason is because Alameda is an island.  There are 3 bridges and a tunnel that transport people in and out of Alameda.  And if you’re not familiar with the area you can get lost.

I’ve been “lost” in Alameda before and all it did was help me discover how nice, quaint and cute the town can be.  You’ve got golf courses, waterfront property, boutiques downtown and a whole lot in between.  So if you’re looking for a relocation specialist in Alameda, CA, call up Frank Trotter and he can show you around town.  You might find that you want to get “lost” in Alameda indefinitely…

Frank Trotter is a CityScoop local expert.  He authors the column for residential real estate in Alameda, CA.  You can visit his CityScoop website for more information by clicking the link below:

Relocation Specialist In Alameda, CA