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Organizational Tips for Saving Your Business Big Bucks

“10 Effective Changes You Can Implement in The Office To Raise your Bottom Line”

SUMMARY: Imagine walking into a company you are about to do business with, and the first thing you see are piles of papers, files and old CDs hanging around. A disorganized office can severely harm your business’ credibility and leave a poor first impression. Disorganization creates a lot of unnecessary (visual) stress within your office, keeping you and your employees from a productive day. Lack of productivity costs you – the business owner – money.  And who wants that?!  Find out from Architect and Master Organizer, Juliette Schatan, how to create a Money Making Office SpaceTM! In this exclusive Amphitheater presentation, you’ll learn how to:

  • Say Goodbye to Every Day Clutter
  • Develop New Weekly Organizational Habits
  • Reset your Mental Game Button for a Stress Free Environment
  • Develop Organizational Guidelines for your Office


WHEN: MARCH 25th @  11am PST    WHERE: The Amphitheater

PRICE: $20 ($14 early registration)