All of our CityScoop sponsors form a network of its own – a business network full of highly experience professionals that really know their industry in and out. There are many business referral networks in the world, but none that utilize the Internet well. If you’re a member of your local Chamber of Commerce you will know that you have a business networking mixer about once a month. But with the Internet as a facilitator, you can network any time and catch up at the mixer. So we encourage all of our CityScoop experts to read what other CityScoop experts are writing. There can only be one business per Industry in each city in the United States, so there is no direct competition. You might find someone that compliments your business and you can refer business to each other. Once you find someone on CityScoop that is local that you might want to meet you’ll be able to go to a CityScoop sponsored local networking meeting and get to know each other in person. Currently we have one mixer in Castro Valley, CA that is the test pilot. We plan to form a group in every major city in the United States.