By John Kitts, CityScoop Staff Writer



If you’re thinking of buying a home or selling your home in San Ramon, California and are looking for a great realtor who really knows the area, then you’d be excited to learn about Terri Tucker.  Terri is a real estate agent with Rockcliff Realtors.

What’s exciting to know about Terri besides being a real sweetheart and a pleasure to talk with is that she has lived in San Ramon for over 26 years now!  That’s someone who really knows the area!  There are parts of San Ramon that I’ve never seen or heard of.  Like the South San Ramon area.  This is part of what’s considered the “older” part of town as it was popular before the big housing boom.  Now there are freeways ripping up and down the whole Tri Valley area with homes towering, looming over upon us from nearly every hillside. 

So if you’re shopping homes for sale in San Ramon, you might want to talk with Terri about the area.  I’m sure she can uncover some areas that you might not have seen or even considered.  I hear there are a lot of first time buyers moving into the south San Ramon area mainly because it is all of a sudden very affordable.

But if you just want to look at homes for sale in the area or are thinking about possibly listing your home with Terri you should visit her CityScoop website.  From there you can search homes on her site or read about Terri, her past clients, and about the network of professionals that she works with in order to create a “one stop shop” no hassle process.

Terri Tucker is a CityScoop Local Expert.  You can visit her CtiyScoop website by clicking the link below:

Homes For Sale In San Ramon, California