By John Kitts, CityScoop Staff Writer


Is your computer sick? 

  • Is it coughing up dust balls from years of being stuck in that corner in your office?
  • Is it moving slow like a sloth?
  • Does your computer seem like it has less power and strength than someone with mono?
  • Does your computer’s sickness, make you hate your life?

Well, heck.  Mine has.  I can remember seriously wanting to throw my computer out the window and just put it out of it’s misery.

Thankfully I was talked down off the edge of the building by my brother.  He showed me how to make my computer get better.  I learned that you can save a sick computer.  And fairly easily too.

So don’t let you’re inner desires to kill your computer take over.  Take a deep breath and call a computer repair shop that you know is good.  You can save a lot of money, which we’re all trying to do right now.

If you’re looking for a good computer repair shop in the Pleasant Hill area, and the entire Bay Area for that matter, there is only one that I recommend – Computer Sales and Service in Pleasant Hill, CA.  This company, owned and run by Wade Cantrell, is the best in the area.  In fact, the San Francisco Chronicle thinks so too.  But I’m sure my word and recommendation is just as strong.  (Yeah right!)

“In 2007, the San Francisco Chronicle ranked Computer Sales and Service shop the #1 in the Bay Area based on overall performance and price index.” 

To me, that says it all.

Computer Sales and Service in Pleasant Hill, CA are CityScoop experts.  They publish free tips and information about their services, testimonials, computers and more.  You can visit their CityScoop site by clicking the link below:

Computer Repair Shop in Pleasant Hill, CA