By John Kitts, CityScoop Staff Writer



So you’re ready to build your dream yard or garden.  You hire a great landscaping company and they build you the yard of your dreams…

Picture in the distance from your back porch a magnificent fountain centered in the middle of your expansive yard that waterfalls 10 feet down into a surrounding pond filled with colorful and vibrant Koi.  As the pond fills it overspills to a small rocky stream bed and then trickles on down along a sloping grassy hill, winding and curving its way to a small natural stream that borders your property line.  Feathered by the soft sounds of the running brook are the subtle wisps from the wind massaging the leaves of 1000 willow trees that line the perimeter of your lusciously green estate…


But now that your dream yard has been built, how do you plan to keep it that way?  If you don’t keep up the maintenance your yard will quickly overgrow and go back to the way it was before.

Frequent rains can move soil and plant beds, creating sink holes and uneven soil levels.  Walkways can get washed away.  Plants and bushes become overgrow.  Other plants just die, some annually and some without an obvious reason.  Weeds need to be pulled, lawns cut, trees pruned and shrubs trimmed.  And on top of that you can get animals entering your property to feast on your flowers, bushes and even  your Koi fish! 

Let’s just say it takes a lot of work to maintain a property’s landscaping.  Your yard that once looked great can easily turn to the overgrown monster that we’ve all seen before.  You know, there’s always one family on the block with that yard that looks like it has been tended to since the 60s (which may actually be the case).  It’s “that house.”

So if you need a great local recommendation consider AS Landscaping Maintenance.  AS Landscaping Maintenance has been in the business for a long time and really knows a lot about landscaping and the maintenance work that is required to keep a yard looking amazing.

AS Landscaping Maintenance writes the landscaping column for Alamo, CA.  They publish information about landscaping and maintenance at their CityScoop website and news column.  You can visit their CityScoop column by clicking the link below:

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