By John Kitts, CityScoop Staff Writer

A one stop shop.  Everyone likes the idea. 

When we go shopping we don’t want to have to go to 14 stores to get 14 things.  Ideally one store would have it all…

Oh yeah, they already got that, it’s called WalMart.  They even have McDonalds inside their store.  They have gas stations that have a subway and a pizza hut inside. 

Yes, convenience is what we all want. 

When it comes to having a kitchen remodeled or having a major addition put on your house, you don’t really want to have 4 different contractors and their teams in your house and definitely not all at once.  That’s when you need a general construction contractor that can do it all.  That’s when you need the one stop shop.

Lawrence Electric & Construction is a true one stop shop.  From the electrical work all the way to the installation and painting, they can do it all. 

Lawrence Electric & Construction writes 2 columns for the CityScoop news.  They publish the Construction News & Info as well as the Electrical News in Walnut Creek, CA.  You can visit their columns for more info by clicking the links below:

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