By John Kitts, CityScoop Staff Writer


Things to avoid

  • Please avoid using profanity – posts containing curse words or other vulgarities will be deleted and the user account of the poster deleted.

  • Overly commercial messages – things added tot his forum need to contribute somehow to the community and the ongoing conversation here. Posts that are simply overt advertisements or spammy in nature will be automatically deleted. Having a commercial or business message is great (we’re business people), but try to contribute something meaningful or unique in your posts and put your commercial calls to action in your signature or at the bottom.

  • Too many outbound links. Our spam filters will automatically block any posts that contain too many outbound links. Try to limit it to one or two.

Tips on great posts

  • Do comment on subjects and topics mentioned in the blog(s)

  • Do post something unique and give references to other websites when appropiate

  • Do post images or videos

  • Feel free to include a link or commercial message in your signature or at the very bottom of you posts.

  • Do contribute something unique and be respectful of other members opinions. Any “flame” threads or disrespectful discussions will be moderated accordingly.

When in doubt just ask and PLEASE POST SOMETHING, we’d love to hear from you.