SignWorks has been writing about the Signage News in the East Bay Area for over 2 years now.  Their tenure as a CityScoop columnist dates back to November 2, 2009.  They’ve done an exceptional job making sure to keep up with their article writing and publishing quakity articles with images and good formatting.  And the efforts are paying off.

By providing content and expertise to our news channel (CityScoop), SignWorks, and all our other columnists, create a network of industry specific RSS feeds that helps Google to connect the top businesses in the world with the people that are searching locally for services. 

SignWorks has been writing content and feeding it to Google for over 2 years and “their relationship” is starting to grow strong.  After building a large content base on CityScoop and then creating a website that is search engine friendly and finally adding a presence on the Social Media channels SignWorks has cemented themselves as one of the most popular, accountable and credible companies in their market.  If you search for a ‘sign company in the bay area‘ you’ll find SignWorks.  If you search on Google for anything close to “signs” or “sign companies” or “vehicle wraps” or “ada braille signs” or just about anything to do with signs in San Leandro, CA (their home town), as well as in the east bay area, you’ll find SignWorks.

But showing up on top of the search engines doesn’t make you a good company.  It may mean you get traffic.  But traffic does mean much if it deosn’t amount to any business.  By publishing content about the projects they complete it gives the customer or prospective shopper an opportunity to see inside the business.  It’s like providing a window into your business so that your prospects can see your qualitty of work.  By adding photos like before and after shots it helps the interested buyer to get an idea of the company’s skill level and helps them to picture the same service or product for their business.

Further, creating a social media presence and encouraging your happy clients to write reviews about your company helps to create a level of trust in the market that can turn your traffic or leads into deals.  In an Internet world where consumers like to research on their own and buy on their own the best thing you can do is to showcase your best work and make your business transparant.  CityScoop can help you find the prospect, but you’ve got sell them!