By John Kitts, CityScoop Staff Writer

Depending your industry, the type of business you own, it will either make sense to have a louder logo, sign and branding  or it may make sense to have a more subtle and quiet approach to your marketplace.  Either way you still should have some Impact! with your brand, logo, sign, etc.

You might think of impact as being something loud with bright colors.  But perhaps there’s a different distinction to be made between impact and volume.  Volume would be the said degree of loud and soft in the above paragraph.  Either a logo or sign is big and flashy like Vegas flashing lights or just a bright logo with a bright color scheme.  Whereas impact would be more of a gauge of how successful the signage or logo or overall brand is for a particular company and their approach.

Every company has their own unique way to approach their market.  Typically in many industries the louder the branding the more affordable the product or service, meaning, these companies seem to be price leaders and use this as their lead in.  Whereas “cleaner” and more simple marketing approaches often lend to a higher end product or service.  But no matter your approach to your marketplace, it’s very important to ask whether or not the approach works well.  Is there a strong brand and recognizable message that makes sense for the particular business’ specific approach?  Does their logo, signage, branding have impact that works for the particular business?

This is where a signage company can really help for those who aren’t sure.  They can help you to makeover your branding if necessary or simply provide the signs and branding that you need based on your current approach.  Impact signs in Vancouver, BC, Canada understand the importance of have the right signage and making sure your brand has Impact!

Impact! Sign & Graphics company writes the Signage News column in Vancouver, British Columbia.  You can visit their column for more info by clicking the link below:

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