By John Kitts, CityScoop Staff Writer


The Eye In The Sky…

I’ve always loved that expression.  You go to Vegas, let loose, have the time your life, and then come back to reality.  And everything that happens in Vegas…well you know. 

And we seem to get into this mode where some of us feel that we have super vacation powers and we can do anything and nobody back home will know.  And while that is true for most of the time, there is always someone watching in Vegas.  There’s always someone recording our every move, gesture, and sometimes even conversation.  It’s the eye in the sky.  It’s the security system that watches us all…

So let’s take that idea back home with us.  Let’s take the eye and place it in your own house or business.  I bet there are a million things that go on daily that you didn’t know about…

Does your secretary really work all 8 hours or does she or he manage to sneak in a few hours of facebooking?

Is your spouse really on the midnight chess club team that meets twice a week?

Is your baby sitter truthful when she tells you the kids were asleep by 9?

Are those funds that keep disappearing from petty cash really disappearing, or are they re-appearing in some one’s pocket?

As funny or as not funny as these questions may be, they are very real.  There’s a lot that we don’t know about.  And some of us may want to keep it like that.  But if you aren’t one of those people then you might want some answers…

Pacific Security Systems is a company that deals with all things security related.  From general security systems and camera monitoring and recording, to infidelity cases and secret cameras hidden in things like teddy bears.  Like the CIA stuff that you might have seen in the movie Meet the Parents.  Great flick!

PSS serves the San Francisco Bay Area, CA but is located in Walnut Creek.  They are a truly special and talented team that can accomplish what most companies in their field cannot.  They are in tune with the most revolutionary technologies and they know how to use those technologies to accomplish a goal.

A common misconception in the security systems industry is what you need.  For example, many cameras don’t have a high enough resolution to create evidence that can stand up in court.  You need a hi-def camera, proper positioning and proper lighting to capture video that can be used as evidence. 

And you can’t buy a quality system from a sales person either.  You just can’t.  You need someone who is an engineer who understands how all the gear works.  And that’s what separates PSS from others.  They send an engineer out to custom design you a system, not a sales person who is trying to make a commission. 

Plus, even if you don’ choose their company to have the system installed, they’ll still let you keep their custom design.  This is an amazing value!  So if you answered yes to any of the questions above, you might want to give PSS a call and have your system designed today, for FREE!

Pacific security Systems publishes free information and tips, as well as special promotions at their CityScoop website.  You  can visit their CityScoop website by clicking the link below:

Professional Security Systems Company – San Francisco Bay Area, CA