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Life Insurance Your Business Can Pay For

“A Life Insurance Policy You Don’t Have to Die to Use”

SUMMARY:  Most business owners are sole proprietors, or are part of a small company where they play a critical role. If they get sick, or otherwise unable to participate in the running of the business due to a critical injury or illness, the business grinds to a halt.
Life insurance with Living Benefits can help alleviate the impact of the illness on the business. The business can keep on running from the tax free proceeds of a life insurance policy on the person in question.

  • Protect your business in case of a critical health issue
  • Protect the business in case of death
  • All premiums are a tax-deductible expense.
  • Get protected and have the company pay for it!
  • Use the policy to invest part of the premiums in funds that grow in time and are not subject to the yo-yo effects of the stock market.
  • The policy can be a source of loans to the business if needed

WHEN: April 29th @  11am PST    WHERE: The Amphitheater     PRICE: $20 ($14 early registration)