By John Kitts, CityScoop Staff Writer


D and H spells…well…nothing of course.  But D and H means great in terms of auto repair shops. 

Hard work and perseverance is the story of this auto repair shop.  In 1995 Dave Kemnitz, the owner of D and H Enterprises, opened the doors for business.  He began with a small auto shop with only two service bays on a quiet little street in Concord, California.  And times weren’t easy in the beginning…

Originally D and H Enterprises started out as a partnership with two owners of the business.  But that first year was tough and eventually Dave’s partner stepped out of the business.  And many people would have probably followed right along out the door.  But not Dave.  Dave stuck with it, hard-headed and determined, to make the business a success. 

Over 15 years later he has a thriving business with 9 service bays and 2 buildings on one of the busiest streets in Concord, CA.

It’s sort of a rags to riches, little engine that could story.  And it says a lot about the type of work eithic and skill that you get when you take your car to D and H Enterprises.  Bottom line, you get a team that will stop at nothing to solve your problem; an experienced team; a hard working team.

So if you live in the Martinez, California area you might want to consider D and H Enterprises for work on your vehicles.  Especially if you have a Jeep.  They are great with all makes and model, but were Jeep specialists for many years before opening up to all makes and models.  D and H is located in Concord, CA, but it might be worth the drive if you live in Martinez.

D and H Enterprises are CityScoop local experts.  They publish free information and tips about auto repair at their CityScoop website.  You can visit their CityScoop website for more information about D and H by clicking the link below:

Auto Repair Shop in Martinez, CA