By John Kitts, CityScoop Staff Writer

Cleaning your windows and gutters and can really be a “pane in the glass.”  I grew up cleaning the gutters of my folks house with a spoon atop a 20 something foot ladder with the winds whipping at what seemed like 40 miles an hour.  A “pane” and also scary a hell! 20 years later, I still hate climbing up the ladder to spoon the dirt or wash the windows.  Won’t do it.  But if you don’t keep your gutters cleaned the water overspills and runs down the side of the house. 

It’s kind of funny how in the scary movies you always see the shot where the rain is coming down the window at night because the “suspenseful villain” is lurking about and just killed the power…  When I see those shots I always wonder, are the gutters clogged?  The reason is because it’s a lot easier and cheaper to have your gutters cleaned than repainting the side of your house. 

But the gutters, albeit scary, were never as frustrating as the windows.  I just couldn’t ever figure out how to get them to be sparkly and streak-less.  I realized later while working in the restaurant business that you need skills.  That’s why restaurants and store front owners always have someone come in to clean their store front windows.  Greasy hands and fingerprints on the windows gives a bad impression.

So if you’re tired of the hassle that goes with trying to clean and wash your own gutters and windows, Pane In The Glass can take the pain out of…

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