City Scoop is a website geared towards consumers as well as businesses. We are creating a free resource website for the local communities of America and also a place to post local happenings. It will eventually be a place to find out what’s going on in your town, find emergency and other important contact information, post information about upcoming events, as well as find local expert help.  We want CityScoop to be the world’s largest local news channel or newspaper if you will.  It will be 100% fee to the public to access a lot of great info in one place.  We will be adding a classifieds section llike Craigslist but it will have a lot of cool features that Cragslist doesn’t.

There are two sides to the CityScoop equation: local businesses and local consumers. Local consumers can come to CityScoop to post things to our forums, find out what’s great and interesting about United States cities, and also find local deals, specials, and printable coupons offered by our local business sponsors.

Local businesses can promote themselves on CityScoop by offering free information and expertise in the form of help guides, free tips, do it yourself guides, and special discounts and promotions. Our business sponsors get new clients and our consumers get free tips and price breaks. It’s a win-win.

And in order to promote CityScoop to the public, we will be launching an advertising campaign to promote CityScoop on various channels including TV and Radio. The message is if someone needs to find a local expert or local info, then CityScoop is the place. “Get The Scoop On Your City.”

It is our goal to create a recognizable brand name with CityScoop, in order to provide our readers with great tips and great deals, and to also create business opportunities for our content producers. By driving more and more traffic to the CityScoop website you will notice that your leads and traffic will continue to rise as our popularity continues to grow.