Curious what kind of traffic you’re getting? 

CityScoop uses Google Analytics to generate weekly traffic reports for our columnsits.  When our columnists write articles they show up on the first page of the search engines.  This gets them traffic from all around the world!  Google Analytics helps us to figure out where that traffic is coming from and what they are searching for.  This helps our columnists to better cater to their readers preferences.

This is just one feature of our advertising program and services.  Check out our services section for more info about websites, logos and more.

CityScoop helps your business with:

  • First page rankings on nearly every major search engine.

Not sure how to tell if you’re ranking?  Check out your title tag.  It has your main keywords.  Search using terms in your title tag and include one of your 3 cities.  You might be surprised how many searches have you on the first page.

(Not sure how to find your title tag?  Click Here to go to the training center and watch training video 1 for a review of meta tags/keywords.)


  • Strong links that power your website.  Even if you aren’t writing articles CityScoop is still pushing your website to keep it up at the top.
  • Traffic from the search engines.  Some visitors will call you up while others will continue on to your website.  The more traffic the more phone calls!


REMINDER: The more you write articles the better.  Every time you show up for a new search it’s like having another fishing line in the water.  Keep writing articles to watch your traffic go up!  If you don’t write you’re still benefiting from the strong links from CityScoop.  One factor for ranking on Google is AGING.  The longer a site is on the Internet and receiving traffic the better it helps the online presence.  But why not get more traffic and rank higher on the page?! Keep up a steady flow of articles and you’ll see your traffic continue to increase.