The plan for the next stage in building CityScoop into one of the world’s largest news channels we’re going to add a ‘COLUMNS’ page that will enable people to search by their city and find CityScoop columnists in their city. For businesses it’s a way for them to see if their column is availble or already taken. When a column is taken we will have an option to get on a waiting list. As long as a columnist is publishing regularly they will retain the exclusive rights to the authorship of their column. After selecting your state and then city you’ll land on a page with a list that has all the profession names that go to our columnists in that city.


Auto Mechanic

We want people to search for local city info and at the same time find our local business experts offering their free advice and local discounts. But we also want to try consumer traffic to the home page of CityScoop in order to search for local businesses and read about the jobs they’ve done and are working on.