—– Blogging Tip of the Month —–

“A picture’s worth a thousand words.”


It’s always a good idea to have at least one picture in your blog articles. It seems like the average attention span these days of the typical Internet surfer isn’t much more than 3 seconds – tops.  If it’s not interesting then within 1..2..3 seconds… BAM! They’re gone.

Consider the average Internet surfer.  Most are picky and finicky with extremely high expectations. I myself have my own pet peeves.  It’s seems ridiculous but we’re conditioned.  We want it cooler, faster and smaller all at once.  We’re dependent upon the very technology which seems to have also set us free in so many ways.  But the reality is that in business, we are slaves to the ever increasing demands of the consumer population.  Whether or not we like it we supply what they demand and keeping up with the trends can be the difference between ‘make it or break it.’  So the point of this article is: people are less likely to read your article if there isn’t a picture, video, etc.  That’s the current trend. 

They say people “buy with their eyes” and the notion seems to hold true on the Internet too.  So maybe think about it as the picture in your article is the “bait” and the content of your article is the “hook.” Lure your reader in with the dazzle of an image or video and capture them with your story, tip or piece of advice. 

CLICK HERE – Here’s an example of a blog article that Rossco Electric Company in San Leandro, CA wrote. It’s a simple article about resetting your circuit breaker at your house if it trips. Nothing too complicated or lengthy, but by adding a few images to walk you through the steps to resetting the breaker, the article becomes much more interesting, engaging and helpful. The more helpful your articles are the higher they rank on the search engines and the more likely you’ll outrank your competition and get the lead.

I hope you found this article helpful. Stay tuned for more tips…