CityScoop.us, the new website that offers a new twist to consumers in the form of free city information and local expert business sponsoring authors, is preparing to launch it’s grand opening of its first city. 

City Scoop interviews and selects some of the best local businesses to exclusively represent their industry, publishing content on the site filled with free information, help guides, do it yourslef adivce, and much more.

“The best part about City Scoop,” says one site reader, “is that there aren’t any stupid pop-us or flashing banners all over the place.  I hate pop-ups!”

As so eliquently put by our one young and enthuiastic reader, pop-ups are stupid.  So City Scoop realized that by having local business sponsor the project they would be able to create a gigantic and extremely useful FREE resource for consumers – without the ads. 

“And so far it is working out great,” reports executives from City Scoop headquarters.

More on the launch of it’s first town soon.