By John Kitts, CityScoop Staff Writer

Bundle your services with State Farm and save cash!  I know you can save a lot with State Farm Insurance because I can speak from personal experience. 

I went to audio engineering school to learn how to record music professionally and so I’ve always had expensive electronics in my home.  So I wanted to get renter’s insurance to protect all my investments.  I switched my car insurance over to State Farm and added on the Renter’s Insurance too.  Soon after I ended up with a second car and added it to my policy.  I got a multi vehicle discount for that one too.

Add on life insurance, maybe home insurance, motorcycle insurance and you might be really saving some money.  If you have multiple vehicles or need multiple types of insurance, you should see what you can save at State Farm, not to mention the personalized service you get when you have your own insurance agent.  If you’re in the Concord, California, you should speak with Matthew Rinn.  He’s one of State Farm’s best.

Matthew Rinn writes the CityScoop column Insurance News in Concord, CA.  You can visit his column for more info by clicking the link below:

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