By John Kitts, CityScoop Staff Writer

In Japanese the word mimi means ear.  Dr. Mimi T Salamat is an ear doctor but she isn’t Japanese.  But when she got into school and then became a teacher and then eventually opened her own practice she at one point learned that mimi means ear in Japanese.  So it makes sense to brand her practice as Dr. Mimi’s Audiology Clinic, because an audiologist is an ear and hearing specialist.

Not to be confused with a regular ear doctor who gives you ear drops when you get an ear infection from too much swimming.  Dr. Mimi is a hearing specialist, a hearing scientist, and when you have a hearing problem like tinnitus or if you want to make sure you’re being properly fitted for a hearing aid from someone who really knows what they’re doing, you go to an audiologist.  And if you’re in the Bay Area you go to Dr. Mimi.

Dr. Mimi T Salamat is a practicing audiologist in the East Bay Area, in Walnut Creek, CA.  She has a PhD, has been a professor teaching at a University and has two Masters degrees.  In short, she’s extremely skilled and qualified.  But more than anything she has a very gentle nature and friendly personality, which is not only a great trait or quality for anyone to have but especially when you’re working with people who are hard of hearing like the elderly.  She has a real gift for her craft, she is brilliant as her credentials demonstrate and she makes everyone feel very comfortable in her office.

Born to be an ear doctor.

Audiology Clinic Walnut Creek, CA