This is a screen shot of a client’s Google Analytics traffic report.  This example above is of a client that’s just starting fresh and hasn’t written any articles.  These reports are automatically generated weekly and monthly to CityScoop’s industry expert columnists so they can track the growth of their traffic levels.  The time duration (indicated in the upper right hand side of this image) is 2 months.  In the first month the client received 2 visits.  And in the second month, the client received 10 visitors with 30 different visits from those 10.

This client received 10 visitors, 10 different people, in the second month, the first with articles being written.  Not a lot.  But how many people do you need to become your client to afford CityScoop’s services.  You can write your own articles and just pay the subscription fee of $29.99 a month.

But the real way to think about the Internet, and CityScoop as a tool for generating traffic, is that building traffic is more like a marathon than a race.  It’s an engine that starts slow but steadily builds towards a critical mass.  The average increase a month in visitors for our industry bloggers that write regularly is about 10.  Meaning, at the end of the first year of writing articles many of our bloggers often accrue a steady stream of at least 100 high quality, highly qualified visitors to their CityScoop blog.  This doesn’t even include the traffic that goes directly to their personal websites, which we attain by harnessing the ranking power of their CityScoop blog and optimizing the client’s personal website as part of our Authorship Program.

Some clients are averaging over 250 unique visitors a month.

With Analytics reports like the one in the featured image above, our industry bloggers can better understand where their traffic is coming from and what type of prospect is visiting their CityScoop blog.  When searching through the traffic sources in Google Analytics there is an option see what your site’s visitors typed into a search engine before they clicked through to your site.  And what the results tend to show is that an organic hit is much better than almost any other type of hit to your website.

When someone searches for a product or service (locally) they are already at the very least ‘somewhat’ interested in potentially buying your product or service.  And this can make the closing of the deal very easy.  With the Internet and organic search people seek you out and qualify themselves by what they type into that search bar.  The more articles that are written the more places our industry bloggers rank on the first page and the more traffic they build up.  Over just the first year many clients are averaging over 150 unique visitors a month.  Some even more.

But sometimes life in the world of the self employed becomes hectic and people just don’t have the time to write their articles.  But we still want to deliver your business’ news!  That’s why we have an article assistance program.  We get a few bits of information from you about a recent project you’ve done or are working on, along with an image or two,  and we compose a full article for you about your business using our SEO techniques to make sure it brings in the most traffic possible.

The client featured in the report above signed up for our new article writing service recently and the first article was published around the 26th of July.   In the first month we have already seen the start of some activity that will continue to build each month.