Important notice about titling blog articles.

The title is the most important part of writing an article.

Below is a short guide to creating better article titles. With better titles, you’ll reach more people searching for the products or services you sell.


1. Title Words = Keywords

The words in the title of your article become the keywords for Google. These are the words that your article will rank for on Google when people search. If you include words in the body of your article, Google can still find them, and in certain cases, rank your article on the first page. However, most likely you will only rank for the words that appear in the title of your article. So, make sure to to use words that you want to be found under on Google.

2. Use Your Real Estate

Google allows for a limited number of characters that you can have in the title of your article. I recommend not going over 80. If you aren’t using up 70-80 characters, you are probably missing out on a chance to add another keyword. Use up all of your real estate (up to 80 characters) to reach more people with each article.

3. The Factorial Symbol (!)

If you don’t remember from math class, the factorial symbol says to multiply the number before this symbol with any other whole positive number below it (4! = 4 x 3 x 2 x 1 = 24). The reason I’m bringing up the factorial symbol when talking about writing an article for a blog is because the factorial symbol demonstrates how your keyword search combinations compound with every keyword you add. Example: a title of an article with 5 keywords can generate 120 different combinations of those words. 6 keywords is 720. So the idea is that by adding more keywords to your title, your article can be found under an exponentially increasing number of searches, and reach more people searching for the products and services you sell. If that’s confusing, just know that you want to add as many keywords to each title, without going over the limit.

4. Think Like Your Prospect

It’s great to show up on the first page of Google for lots of different search combinations. However, it doesn’t do you much good to show up under search phrases that people aren’t searching. It’s important to use words in the title of your article that your prospect is likely to use. A common mistake is to use industry terminology because typically people aren’t searching for those terms. You want to get in the head of your prospect and think like they think. What words are they using? Use those words in the title of your article, so when they search on Google, they’ll find your articles.

5. Always Include 1 City / Location

When targeting local markets, it’s important to include 1 geographic area for each article. If you are writing about a client that you helped, just include the city where they are located. If you are writing about a general product or service that you sell, include your hometown city, or a surrounding city if you are already ranking well for those products or services in your city. Putting multiple cities in an article will not work with Google, so just stick to one per article. On CityScoop, we ask that you put the city at the front of your title. On your website you can put it wherever you like.

Below are a couple examples of titles I made up that could work for an auto repair company, a sign company, and an event photographer.


Oakland, CA – Auto Repair for 2014 Range Rover HSE: Transmission Fixed

Newport News, VA – Custom LED Back-Lit Logo Sign for Local Restaurant Rubiano’s

Chicago, IL – Searching Event Photographers For Conventions & Trade Shows?

If you would like help with your titles, simply join a webinar. Anytime you want help posting, just join a webinar and we can publish your articles together.